Shipping & Returns

Postage costs will be calculated as accurately as possible and will be charged to you at cost. We do not add any extra handling charges.

To check the shipping cost for a particular item, please add the item to the shopping cart and click on the "Shipping Estimator" button located under the shopping cart item list.

You may also use the AusPOST online calculator to estimate the shipping cost to your location.

Estimated Delivery Times

Veganpet is based in a rural location, hence it takes us at least an hour and a half to make round-trip to the nearest metro post office. (Metro post offices offer cheaper postage rates.) Due to the distances involved, we dispatch orders on every Tuesday and Thursday. Therefore, if you would like to have your orders shipped without delay, please submit your orders by Mondays or Wednesdays the latest. It is difficult for us to rush out urgent orders outside the usual shipping days.

Note: Estimated delivery time figures are obtained directly via the AusPOST online calculator web site. The actual delivery times are somewhat longer due to the extra overhead of transporting orders from our location to the metro post office.

Error Messages - Shipping Estimator

Sometimes when you use the "Shipping Estimator" feature in our online shop, the following error message will appear in the pop-up window:

"AusPOST Parcel Post (ERROR: The delivery rate for this option cannot be determined at this time. The most likely cause for this error is an invalid post code. If you keep getting this error and prefer to use this option as your shipping method, please contact the store owner. Alternatively, you may also use the AusPOST online calculator to estimate the shipping cost to your location.)"

This usually happens when no post code (or zip code) was specified in the Shipping Estimator. You can fix this by entering a post code in the relevant "Post/Zip Code" text field, then press the "Update" button. If you're an overseas customer, you will need to set the "Country" and "State/Province" pull-down menus to your nearest location. Alternatively, you can either login or create a new login profile to have your shipping address automatically included in the Shipping Estimator.

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