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I Will See You in Heaven Cats (CHILDRENS BOOK)

I Will See You in Heaven. author Friar Jack Wintz - ( CHILDRENS BOOK ) Cat Lover's Edition Friar Jack Wintz wants you to know- the Bible gives us ... more info
I will see you in Heaven Dog Lovers ( childrens book )

I Will See You in Heaven. author Friar Jack Wintz - ( CHILDRENS BOOK ) Dog Lover's Edition. Explaining loss of a pet Friar Jack Wintz wants you to ... more info
PUPPY MIRACLES Inspirational True Stories of Our Lovable,Furry F

PUPPY MIRACLES by Btad Steiger & Sherry Hansen Steiger Become a believer in the miracle of puppies We all know puppies are adorable. But some of ... more info
Angel Cats - Divine Messengers of Comfort

Read true stories about a feline friend helping a man get his "purr" back, a cat miraculously protecting and comforting a young girl during the ... more info
Unforgettable Mutts - Pure of Heart Not of Breed

A long-awaited celebration and moving tribute to mutts and the people who love them. From dogs who made history, to dogs in cyberspace, to everyday ... more info
Shelter Dogs......Amazing Stories of Adopted Strays

Shelter Dogs .....Amazing Stories of Adopted Strays author Peg Kehret photographs by Greg Farrar (Scholastic) A big,jumpy dog called who's "hard to ... more info
The SCALPEL and the BUTTERFLY by Deborah Rudacille

The SCALPEL and the BUTTERFLY- The conflict between Animal Research and Animal Protection . In this sweeping history of animal research and the ... more info
For the Love of DOGS


Price: AUD $22.00

For the Love of DOGS by Publications International Ltd It's a Dog's World! Dogs are our faithful and devoted companions - sometimes even our best ... more info
Christine's Ark


Price: AUD $20.00

Christine Townend is an extraordinary Australian who has dedicated her life to helping the most vulnerable creatures in society- the animals that we ... more info
Vegans Are Cool compiled by Kathy Divine 1st edition

Vegans Are Cool - A delicious collection of essays,interviews and articles by cool vegans from around the planet, The asim of this collaborative ... more info
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