Vegan Prenatal Vitamins and Minerals 90 Tablets

AUD $22.00

There is probably no other time in a woman's life where the taking of a vitamin supplement is more important than in pregnancy. Because the body is truly providing for two and the fetus is growing and developing so rapidly, beginning a prenatal vitamin supplement before conceiving or as soon as a woman knows she is pregnant may be very important to the health of the pregnancy.
Women who are vegetarians are often challenged in finding a proper prenatal vitamin containing vitamins with vegan sources, Deva nutrition has taken high quality vegan suitable vitamins and combined them into a vitamin tailored to the pregnant woman.
please follow directions and always consult your doctor before taking any dietry tablets.
Warning: Please read the warning notice.
This product does not contain animal products, derivatives or byproducts. 100% VEGETARIAN, VEGAN. This product is certified Vegan by the Vegan Society.
Food Sensitivity: Free of yeast, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, salt, shellfish, sugar, animal products, byproducts or derivatives.
If you require more information you can go into the Deva website.

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