The UNDERDOG - a celebration of Mutts by Julia Szabo

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Celebrate the world's most popular "breed", the UNBREED, the one-of-a-kind mutt. A primer, a scrapbook, a proud mutt lover's companion.
The UNDERDOG is everything a dog person needs to know tojoin the mutt club, from how to adopt (the highest form of recycling); to the mutt family tree, with phot6os and explanations of 75 classic types; to the nuts and bolts of health, diet, and lifestyle. Mutts live longer, healthier lives than purerbred dogs do, easier to train and more family friendly, too. Includes This is a great book with plenty of illustrations and photographs.
Julia Szabo is a nationally recognized authority on pets and writes for the New York Times Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, and does so much more even each week on sirus satellite radio answers questions regarding pets.

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