LUCK FOR ME by Frank Robson

AUD $10.00

Lucky for Me is about the adventures with a seafaring, cat-hating, tree-climbing dog and how the hard-living journalist Frank Robson fell under the spell of a small dog called Lucky.;
At the age of eighteen months, Lucky, a cream coloured terrier, was dropped off at a vet's clinic in Queensland, he had been abandoned by his owners and suffering from ticks and other terrors. A week from being put down he was adopted by Frank Robson and his partner Leisa.
From the start, the fluffy new member of the household proved an enigma, displaying a twelve-snort vocabulary, an agility to climb trees even if it was to chase the parrots and a disdain for suburbia. In this full-blooded account of a friendship between man and dog, Robson puzzles on the sentient being who trotted into his life and taught him about survival, mateship and the joys of an independent spirit

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