The Pocket IDIOT'S Guide to Housetraining Your Dog by Liz Palika

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The Pocket IDIOT'S Guide to House Training Your Dog - quick and [positive results you can count on.
Every dog has its training day.
You're no idiot,of course.You know that housetraining a dog can be just aa difficult-and possible as traumatic-as potty training a child. But with an established routine and positive reinforcement,your dog can be happily and healthily trained in no time.This book will show you how to teach your dog this most essential trick and in this book you get:
*Housetraining schedule for owners with busy lifestyles
*Tips on how to get the quickest results
*Training techniques for indoor-only dogs, dogs with yards,city dogs....even shelter dogs
*Advice on how to cope with health issues that may impede a dogs progress

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