The SCALPEL and the BUTTERFLY by Deborah Rudacille

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The SCALPEL and the BUTTERFLY- The conflict between Animal Research and Animal Protection .
In this sweeping history of animal research and the animal protection movement, Deborah Rudacille examines the history of the ethical question of whether enhancement of human life justifies the use of animals for research. She shows how this question and the answere provided by both scientists and anti-vivisectiobists over the past 150 years have shaped contemporay society.Rudacille anchors her nartrative in events from the lives of key players in the histopry of the war between science and animal protection,describing the work of activists who work outside the law as well as those working to change the system from within.
"US scientists experiment on 14 million animals a year. Do health and safety benefits to humans justify the suffering animals? Deborah Rudacille addresses the issue with fairness and respect to both science and its critics" - Rob Mitchell,Boston Globe

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