Rescuing Sprite - A Dog Lover's Story of Joy and Anguish

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Rescuing Sprite by Mark R.Levin - "Few things in life have given me the kind of joy and,frankly,sorrow,as my relationships with my dogs. And this is especially so with an older dog we rescued for a local shelter. We called him Sprite.......
Mark Levan a lawyer,author and US talk-radio-host, is first and foremost a dog lover. In 1998,he and his family welcomed Pepsi a half Border Collie/half Cocker Spaniel into their lives. Six years later Mark's wife and son pursuaded him to adopt anothwer dog for the local shelter.Sprite was found wondering the streets of Maryland,lost or abandoned by his previous family. A Spaniel mix, he was the most beautiful dog they had ever seen.
Sprite and Pepsi became fast friends and with his gentle nature the Levin family,too fell in love with him. But on Halloween night,only weeks after joining their family, Sprite suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the vet. It was the first of many visits,and the start of a long journey for the Levins.
During the next two years, Sprites bond with the Levin family deepened. Friends, neighbours and even Marks radio audience came to know and love Sprite, but gradually his health deteriorated. Eventually the time came for them to say goodbye. Ctrushed and comsumed with grief Mark turned to family and friends and fans for help .But new hope came when the Levins least expected it

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