DOG STARS Astrology for dog lovers

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DOG STARS...Astrology for dog lovers by sherene schostak and Wendy Iam
A Cosmic Look into Man's Best Friend's Personality Profile.
Is your dog feisty,aggresive,and self-absorbed? She must be an Aries.Sensitive,private and moody? Definately a Cancer.If you think astrologh is just for human..think again.
In Dog Stars, the secrets of the zodia reveal whats really going on behind the playful basks, the mischievous games, and the loving looks that dogs and puppies lavish on their owners. Using time-tested astrology principles, you'll discover what star sign your dog embodies as well as which dog signs work best with your asterological profile. Gain insight into your four-legged friends's thoughts,moods,and behavior. Learn how to create an even tighter,loving bond with your dog, you'll be amazed how striking the predications of the stars can be.
Whether you are newly in the market for a beloved soul mate or are already in a committed relationship, this is the ultimate guide to developing a star-struck match with one of the mopst important creatures in your life..your dog.
Sherene Schostak is the astrologer for Elle Uk, a psychotherapist,astrologer and write.
Wendy Lam is a new york hased dog photographer ,a social worker who uses dogs and photography as therapeutic tools in her practice with adolescents

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