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THE DOG FANATIC Tail-Wagging Quotes on Man's Best Friend..edited by Patricia M. Sherwood
"If dogs could talk,perhaps we would find it as hard to get along with them as we do with people"...Karel Caper
Its been argued that we live in a dog's world, and The Dog Fanatic brings life to the joys of being in ther presence with hundreds of slobbery,trick-performing, tail-wagging quotes that remind us just why we call them man's best friend. With contributions from notable dog lovers including Winston Churchiull,Ann Landers,Don Marquis, EB White and Franz Kafka, to name a few, The Dog Fanatic will surely tickle your funny bone and leave you panting for more.
Patricia M Sherwood...a longtime dog fancier,breeder,and trainer,is also the editor of the Greatest Dog Stories Ever Told and An Honest Angler. She lives in Windham, Connecticut

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