Hear to Heart

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Hear to Heart - Incredible and heartwarming storeies from the woman who talks with animals by PEA HORSLEY
Read the wondersul story of Pea Horsley, professional animal communicator, as she tracks lost animals. tracks trouble pets and helps us to truly understand our best friends.
Pea Hosrley never set out to talk to animals,so you can imagine her surprise when she realises that animals could talk-and that she could hear them. War-hearted and funny, Pea describes how she learnt to tap into her intuition and,in doing so, the incredible characters that she meets-on two legs and four! Pea remembers how she counselled Musgo the horse through a past trauma, helped a client find her reincarnated puppy, the poignant story of Mong and Mike, and much more...
"Warm, compassionate and gentle, Pea Horsley is an exceptionally talented animal communicator" - Amelia Kinkade, author of Straight from the horses mouth, How to talk to animals and get answers and the Language of miracles.

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