ELEPHANT DANCE A Story of love and war in the Kingdpom of Elepha

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Its in the middle of the Namibian desert when Tammie Matson wakes to find two bull elephants standing just inches from her head. Totally vulnerable in her tiny tent, she promises the night;"If you just let me survive tonight I will give up Africa, I'll give it all up. Just don't let the stand on me"
Its not a promise she will easily keep. At 29, Tammie has spent half her life in Africa working as a conservationist. Africa - with its big skies and extraordinary wildlife - is her first love, and Tammie has just landed her dream gig researching human-elephant conflict.
But as her thirties approach, Tammie is conscious that Africa has left little room for pursuit dreams that are becoming increasingly important; a partner,kids a house...With her visa running out and close to broke ,it seem like Africa may just force her to give it up after all. On returning to Australia, Tammie unexpectedly lands a job at the World Wide Fund for Nature in Sydney.She meets Andy, a charismatic Brit, and suddenly Africa has a rival. But she's not ready to give up on the elephants yet....
From the magic of Bushland in Namibia to the civil strife of Assam, India, Elephant Dance takes us to the heart of a quest for elephants to live peacefully in a world with too many people and too little space. Passionate,funny, and wise, Elephant Dance is also a young woman's story of self discovery, love and the courage it takes to follow a calling, especially when life has other plans.

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