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• These dental chews are designed to tackle bad breath by addressing the oral and digestive causes
• Assists in controlling plaque and tartar build-up
• Approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council
Innovative FR3SH Technology targets bad breath in 3 key ways:
1. Cleanse: Draws upon pomegranate to tackle plaque and unwanted bacteria in the mouth - both major causes of bad breath
2. Cool: Erythritol is included to help cool and freshen your dog’s breath
3. Digestive: Prebiotic inulin assists in resolving the digestive causes of mouth odour by encouraging a healthy, balanced gut microbiome
Proven Results
• Shown to improve bad breath within 24 hours
• Improvements continue over 2 weeks if the treats are fed daily
Unique Treat Shape
• The innovative Z-shape helps to reach deep into the grooves between your dog’s teeth to wipe away unwanted residue
• The design shape takes longer for dogs to chew
Quality Ingredients
• Plant-based formula
• Completely vegetarian with no animal proteins
• All natural with no artificial ingredients
• Gluten free and easily digestible
• Low calories
Gut Health
• The addition of inulin as a prebiotic promotes good gut health and assists in maintaining a healthy gastro-intestinal tract
Highly Palatable
• Delicious taste with an irresistible chewy texture
• Studies have shown that 100% of dogs accepted the chew and 92% ate the entire chew
• Dimensions
• Small: 10cm length x 2.5cm width x 0.6cm thick
• Medium: 10.5cm length x 2.7cm width x 0.8cm thick
• Large: 15cm length x 2.8cm width x 1cm thick

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